Fan Fiction

I treasure each and every one of these as though they were my flesh and blood. And I do like my flesh and blood.
-These stories were written at varying times in Zebra Girl’s history, and many may not reflect current canon.-
-Hyphens denote multiple stories in a shared continuity.-
-Stories with white points contain illustration, either by myself or from the author.-
-Stories with red points are finished.-

A Tribute To A Zebra Girl
by Aladdin-Sane

“She sees us through a demon's eye, and thinks how life has gone awry. Her jagged voice and claws reveal, the screaming depths of this ordeal…”

Shades of White
by Amalcus

“'My business is entrance,' Replied the stranger, his deep voice beginning to resonate, though it had no reason, 'and I shall have entrance.' With that, his hand flung out...”

A Zebra Girl Nursery Rhyme
by Bren MacDonald

“Zebra Girl, Zebra Girl, Stripes of a cat; Never eats food And never grows fat. Zebra Girl, Zebra Girl, Fangs of a dog...”

Crystal's Nightmare
by Bren MacDonald

“And through the silence walk three companions: a knight with plaid armor, a gentile with a fir coat, and a princess with a cloak...”

Dreaming of Happiness
by Bren MacDonald

“Nothing more than a painting on her sleeping eyelids. Nothing more than shadows of a waking world. But it felt so real. The blue sky was racing above her...”

Introspection of the Perv
by Bren MacDonald

“His new sense of responsibility wasn't going to just go away once Sandra was Sandra again. Jack was still a wizard, possibly the last one alive now...”

Jack's Dream
by Bren MacDonald

“Who the heck was this guy? He had some kind of nerve spying on peoples dreams. This was the third freaking night in a row...”

A Mirror Darkly
by Darker

“'Chalkie, Chalkie, Chalkie, Chalkie...' it went on and on. Mr. Chalk sighed. He did not expect his...associate to be back this soon. 'Have you set it loose?' he asked...”

Oriental Problems
by DarkLite

“Sandra was almost relieved to hear the cacophony of thuds and clanks that was the unique sound of a large creature hitting the roof...”

A Night at the Bar
by Eppendorf Webster

“There it was again, he thought as he turned away, that stupid imaginary rabbit. He shook it off and returned to his customers...”

The Photo Album
by GarethC

“Jack shut his mouth and rubbed his hands together. 'It was a long time ago...' 'Did dinosaurs rule the Earth?' Asked Nick. 'Don't be ridiculous, Jack isn't that old...'”

Zebra Wars
by GarethC

“'Look, Sandra, I know that I'm not casted ideally,' Mike said, sounding somewhat annoyed. 'I'm trying to do the best Ben Kenobi I can here, you're not helping...'”

Terrible Vengeance
by Heatvision

“The man startled. He was used to being alone for these long hours, but this time there was another man in the room. He turned and stared...”

About A Boy
by Hemlock Trinity

“With the sightings, the burnings and all the static the brain voodoo practitioners were picking up, the Bureau found it only appropriate to send in their most seasoned field agent...”

A Case For the Christmas Bunny
by Hmpf MacSlow

“'So?' Sam insisted. 'My mom's coming for Christmas,' Sandra growled into her coffee mug. 'So?' the rabbit repeated...”

A Bad Dream
by Karl Damgaard Asmussen

“'Zebra Girl?' She said as he poured her a glass. 'I think I have heard that name somewhere before...' 'You have?' Morpheus raised an eyebrow in surprise....”

Devil Within
by MadMac

“He was expecting Sandra to have put up more of a fight than that. Having to rely on her friends to help her. He knew exactly what she was capable of...”

Angels and Demons
by Mawgan Dell

“Sandra smiled, and was able to hold back the tears. Abryl stood up, and held his hand out for her. 'Come on, let's go home. You've learned enough for today...'”

Chronicles of a Demon
by Mawgan Dell

“'I thought this was a story about you.' Rowan said as he wiped his brow between swings of his sickle. 'Who's Natasha?' 'That's me.' Alex responded...”

Could be Worse or
Ya Never Know Whos Watching

by Mouse r.r.

“The tip of her tail had hit the enter key initiating the OS load when a puzzled look crossed her exotic face...”

Hellblazer: To Save A Demon's Soul
by MrWayne

“He took a deep drag from the cigarette, savoring the nicotine. He let the smoke slowly trickle from his nose as he looked the Zebra Girl over...”

To Bring Joy... it's a Wonderful Thing
by Nate Brown

“There are thousands of species in the galaxy. Some are rare, yes. Some you may only see once in a lifetime. Tool wasn't one...”

Dear Diary
by Phillip Podjursky

“Last night was really freaky; I was biking home from the Big Halloween party (even though I don't fit in) early and saw Mike and this strange girl with him...”

Operation: Silent Move
by Phillip Podjursky

“'We shall, as the Government would say, protect the lives of the American public. But I don't want it to get to that... you will come with us...'”

The Ascension
by Phillip Podjursky

“This Pastor is like one I have never encountered before; I could sense something with him, as if there was a Spirit with him. This spirit had enormous power...”

The Black Winger
by Phillip Podjursky

“'I'm just reading a book from the bookshop. It's called 'Mysteries that haven't been solved yet in World War 2 - The Book'. Its really quite fascinating...'”

by Phillip Podjursky

“As she looked up from her watch she saw a man wearing a plaid jacket walking round the corner. As a reflex she immediately slammed on the brakes, but it was too late...”

by ShardZ

“All too soon, the next verse began. Try not to think about it too much. Let's see what these visionaries of the 1960's had dreamt...”

by Skullduggerant

“MaryMcRockShard: You haven't signed on in so long! I was starting to get worried.
GiantTalkingCartoonRabbit: Really?”

- Shadowverse -
by Skullduggerant

“'You, sir, are living in a damaged timeline. Whatever was 'supposed' to be, whatever that girl was supposed to become, will never come to pass...'”

How Jack 'Got His Wings'
by Soap

“Jack swore for a good three minutes, then opened the door. Instead of a seven foot brickhouse of a man clad in old leather, there was a Gnome standing there...”

- Tiger Boy -
by Stacy Dooks

“Once I was a man. But now I'm not. Now I'm the faceless champion of the hapless human race. I'm some figment of imagination, some piece of forgotten lore...”

A Million Shades of Grey
by Tom Irony

“Jennifer Stone observed the house for a moment and resisted the urge to take out a cigarette. An older woman in the back seat of the cab paid the driver and then climbed out...”